About Afrocurlys

Who We Are.

Afrocurlys is the first Afro hair Salon in Tokyo, to offer care, protection and treatments including the well sought after weave and braiding services to the black / gaijin community, children as well as the Japanese community.


Our Mission

To care, protect and give your hair the unique treatment it deserves.

Founded by Mina in 2002, a long-standing of my dream is to offer Afro and Curly hair clients an exclusive, luxuriating, individual experience. Gone are the days when the Afro-Curly hair could not get a good hair care in Tokyo.

Our Passion

To offer hair care that supports and promotes healthy hair growth.

Dedicated to providing exceptional customer services in an aesthitically pleasing environment, this is the perfect place to visit with your young ones.
Your Ocha will be freshly brewed for you.